Cetonas de Frambuesa or Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones, or cetonas de frambuesa, are a wonderful way to lose weight. Why is that so? Well, in this article I will explain a little about how raspberry ketones work and what they can do for you. Some of the main benefits of raspberry ketones are that they can help you metabolize your food better It can help you speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster. How does it do this? Well, raspberry ketones are not the only place where you can get ketones. Ketones are actually a natural element in your body. Your body produces ketones and it helps in managing the fat cells in your system.

Ketones are therefore essential for the fat burning process whether you are taking in a supplement or not. Raspberry ketones are what is known as exogenous ketones. Exogenous means that they come from outside, as in a supplement. Therefore, these exogenous cetonas de frambuesa are taken orally and delivered into the bloodstream. The ketones then add to your body’s current ketones and help metabolize fat as energy. If your fat does not metabolize energy then it will be stored as body fat This is how people win and this is also why raspberry ketones can help you lose weight.

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Superfoods and Health – What’s the big deal?

limu original

A common topic of the 21st century is superfoods. People all over the country are wondering what they are, what they do, why people consume them, how much they cost, etc. etc. Well the fact is that superfoods are actually just highly nutritious foods! However they come in all shapes, sizes and forms. So with that being said, let’s take a look at one of my personal favorites, Limu Original (which is produced by The Limu Company).

Limu Original is the name of a product that contains limu moui (which is a brown seaweed). People are asking about this product all the time because of its supposed health benefits. One of the speculated benefits is that people believe it may cure cancer! Although this may seem a little farfetched, let’s take a look at why people think that and where the idea came from.

Limu moui contains an ingredient called fucoidan which is sought out by many people for its health benefits. One of the benefits that research shows it has is that it assists in the killing of cancer cells! At least that is to say that one study showed that it may possibly kill cancer cells. It is far too early to determine that it is actually a cure for cancer (and therefore we will not suggest it in this article).

While fucoidan is one of the primary appeals to Limu Original, there are many other great things about it! One of the great qualities of this wonderful drink is it’s flavor. It has a very unique flavor to it that is somewhat tropical, and very refreshing.

The way you drink Limu Original is you mix it up with some water and then drink it! It’s really very simple. However you need to read the bottle before consuming it to ensure that you don’t drink too much or too little. The bottle should have instructions on how much you should/could be drinking in a day.

Although it isn’t encouraged, there are even a few people who will mix their Limu Original with alcohol and have a party! This completely defeats the purpose of the drink and does not at all help your health. However, since Limu is primarily marketed to a younger crowd, it isn’t uncommon to see people getting involved in Limu and throwing parties that involve some alcohol every once in a while.

An amazing resource online to get more informaiton about limu moui and all the Limu products is at limujuice.net which actually sells the products! If you were ever interested in trying it out or if you had heard about it and now it’s peaking your curiosity, be sure to check out their website to get more information. You can find out all kinds of interesting facts about limu, its origin, its pricing and much more.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it informative. Be sure to share it with your friends and please don’t hesitate to let us know if it helped you in some way! Thanks again for reading!

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The Best Ways To Drive Organic Traffic

Managing an online business, especially when it requires driving as many organic visitors or traffic to the website, is one of the most demanding tasks for many marketers and website owners. This is because the Internet is already overflowing with many similar websites/companies fighting for the same audience.  While having your website ranked highly on search engines can help drive traffic to your site, there are many other practical ways that you can drive organic (high quality) traffic to your pages without spending too much. Some of the best ways to drive organic traffic include: 

1.    Publish quality content:  Having quality, informative, and educative content published on your blogs, social networking sites, forums, and content sites can have a tremendous impact your business’ performance online.  As long as your target audience can get what they came for, and more, you can then be assured of even more traffic, mostly based on recommendations. Although optimizing the content published with keywords is recommended, you should only focus on the quality of content published.

2.    Social media marketing:  Using the social media to reach out to target audiences and customers is highly effective as well. With billions of people using the social media for various reasons and needs, you can use the same platforms to fish out more traffic to your website. Networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. provide an excellent platform for you to reach out to your customers fast and easy. You however need to create an account with all these sites and publish informative and engaging content for your viewers. Aside from this, you will also need to be active by following other members, as well as participating in forums.

3.    Email marketing: If handled properly, an email marketing campaign can drive lots of high-quality organic traffic to your site. How you collect or obtain the email addresses is however a crucial factor that can determine whether the campaign will be successful or not. Having loyal customers provide you with their personal email addresses, as well as using ethical means to collect these mailing addresses, and addressing each recipient by their first names can help drive more traffic and sales as well.

4.    Link Building:  With your website and blogs up and running, it should be the time you started adding links to your posts.  Adding links (maximum 5) to your posts helps provide or guide the visitor to more relevant content, which therefore increases the chance of him/her coming back. The best thing about link building is that you can add links from other related companies offering almost similar services or products. As long as these links aren’t dead, and content is related, you should expect more organic traffic on your website.

5.    Build a responsive website: This should be the first step to take when trying to reach out to target audiences. Ensuring the site is mobile responsive first, is the first step to attracting more traffic from mobile devices. Mobile responsive websites are easy to use on smaller, more confined screens, hence preferred by most users and search engines as well. You should also have the website optimized for search engines, and also incorporate long tail keywords to attract traffic as well.

Search engine optimization (SEO) also plays a vital role in a website’s performance hence should be considered too. Having an experienced and certified professional analyse and optimize your site can also help increase returns on investment. The best advice that I’ve found online was from a local business called Red Rain SEO. They are experts in SEO and I’ve always found them to be most helpful. Of course Red Rain SEO have their own website you can check out as in my opinion they are the best SEO Company in Dublin If you would like to learn more, they also have an About Me page They cater to all of Ireland but you’ll generally find them helping local businesses in Galway, Belfast, Cork and Dublin.


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Email Marketing – Is It Worth the Hype?

If you are in business, you know that it is essential to utilize the Internet wisely to enhance your company. However, you may not know the best ways to go about it. If you have heard that email marketing is the most important thing to your marketing activities, you are probably wondering if it is really all that everyone cracks it up to be.

While every company is different regarding their products and services, they all have one thing in common. That is the human customer. Of course, the demographics may vary and the best approach for each may be radically different, they are all still humans, and mostly in advanced countries with some amount of disposable income. Otherwise, they would likely not be online at all.

This adds up to them behaving in certain common ways, and responding favourably to email marketing is one of them. Although you are not going to make a gazillion sales with each email you send out, you will maintain a steady relationship with the consumers who receive and read it. When they are ready to make a purchase in your niche, you will likely be the recipient of their investment funds.

Another reason that email marketing makes excellent sense is that people are always going to have their email accounts. Although social media sites rise and fall, and the user accounts along with them, email is a pretty constant in the life of most people. There are many people who still have their AOL address! There are many different email marketing services out there such as Aweber and Get Response to name a couple.

In that sense, the email address is very similar to a street address. When you mail a piece of literature to a home, the recipient sees it each time they pull it from the mailbox. The same thing occurs when you send a piece of email. However, email is significantly cheaper than sending material to a home! In comparison, the social media sites are like setting up at roadside stands and flea markets. Although you can make some connections there, it is completely out of your control.

You can send emails to people though and they are likely to continue to receive them until they opt out. This gives you an inexpensive opportunity to continue to reach out directly to that person. In fact, there are even ways that you can refine the messages that a person receives to help pull them in and convert them into a sale.

You can connect an email sign up to all of the accounts and sites that your business has online. This way, you can connect to the people who have found you through all of these sites under your own umbrella. Doesn’t that make better business sense? Don’t you want to be in control of your communications with the public?

While other forms of marketing certainly have their place, email is currently the best method for a sustainable long-reaching grasp that can help your business to continue to grow steadily into the future.


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The Many Benefits Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is arguably one of the best techniques for reaching out to clients and new markets in the world today. In the past couple of years, the use of videos has been very effective in advertising and promoting products and services of various companies. For this reason, video marketing has become quite popular among many businesses.

So, what is Video Marketing?

Video marketing can be defined as the creation of various videos with an aim of promoting the business’ products or services. Once these videos are created, it is important for the business owner to distribute them efficiently to grab the attention of prospective clients in regards to the company’s products and services. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is by uploading the videos in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube This is especially useful for reaching new markets.

The Many Benefits of Video Marketing:

Videos are Easily Accessible

Thanks to advancement in technology, videos are no longer limited to PCs and laptops. Today, you can easily stream and download videos on a smartphone or a tablet, and this makes videos readily available and easy to spread to the audiences.

Videos Help Grab The Attention of Larger Audiences

Today, most people spend a significant amount of time streaming various videos online. This presents business owners with an opportunity to promote their businesses and grab the attention of potential customers out there. Simply, promotional videos can help attract prospective clients to the main site and check out the various products or services offered by the company.

They Are SEO Friendly

It is a fact that most of the search engines like Google are fond of videos. As such, it becomes a lot easier for business owners to attract potential clients to their websites through video marketing.

Videos Make The Owner The Expert In The Field

It is important for an Internet marketer to develop or establish authority in their respective industry for them to attain trust and reliability of the clients. With video marketing, business owners can achieve their goals by letting thousands of people watch their promotional videos online.

Videos Are Easy to Deliver

You only require a couple of online resources, a  good camera, editing software, and internet connectivity to create and deliver a promotional video. Even on a low budget, there are tutorials out there on how to shoot and edit high quality and captivating clips. Just ensure that your clip is in line with your field of business.

Before you embark on any video marketing campaign, it is imperative that you set your goals first. In this stage,  you can include gathering information, increasing the traffic to your website or even making sales. Note that everything can be promoted via video marketing as long as you use the right approach. With video marketing, you are a step closer to business success. So, if you are yet to use this type of marketing, you might as well start today!


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Moufadhel-adhoum? Simply Idyllic

Today is the day that we’re going to lift off for 2016.  It will be our first update for some time but we wanted to let know that we’re still alive and should have our site back up shortly. It may look a little different than before but that’s nothing to worry about.  We’ve been working away behind the scenes to see what changes we can make that would provide more meaningful and up to date website content for you the visitor.  We don’t expect it to take too much longer. As soon as we have it ready we’ll be sure to let you know.

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